A continuation of their previous album, Kids, The Midnight's new album further explores the journey of navigating adolescence.
In contrast to their earlier work focusing on the 1980's, Monsters continues the story of Kids, swapping the neon drenched, energetic malls of the late 80's for a darker and more introspective view of the kids who have started to grow up in the early 90's.

One thing The Midnight's fans noticed about the Kids art is that it all took place in the same mall, with recurring aesthetic themes stretching across all of the single artworks. This time, instead of an expansive shopping mall, we decided to scale down to a tighter more personal space packed with easter eggs, cultural references, and other hints that paint a picture of what type of person might live in this bedroom. With the new suburban setting and darker theme, the artwork harkens back to lyrics from Kids:

 "We grow up, and move away, the seasons pass, but the monsters stay".

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