✦ Super Droplets (Intro) 
(Upper: Bowman, Hoodwin; On ground: Wanderer and companion, Lil Buddy and babies)

✦ Untitled (Super Droplets #01, 2018) 
(Müdi, Yalé, and onlookers)
✦ Elder 
(From left to right: Palace Sentinel, Hoodman,Yalé, Elder, small critters, Müdi, Serpent, Palace Sentinel, Mage Hoodmen; 2001 Lincoln Town Car Cartier)

✦ Ecstatic I 
(Hoodman Rider, Flying Buddy, Flying Sorceror, 2001 Lincoln Town Car Cartier)

✦ City 
(Protagonist, Townsfolk)

✦ Kingdom 
(Wanderer, Starkind Sentinels)

✦ Council 
(Starkind Imperial Scout, Imperial Catto, Four Island Spirits)

✦ Quarters 
(Sleeping Lil' Buddy)

✦ Emperor 
(Emperor, Empire Guards, Ceremonial Flagbearers)

✦ Hydration 
(Hood Wanderer Marauder, Mule, Starchild Sentinels)
(Socky, two Mage Hoodmen, Hoodman Rider, Cele, Müdi, Master Hand, Critter, Bowman, Flying Buddy, Okan, Yale)
✦ Clutch 
(Müdi, Adversary)

✦ Super Droplets!! 
(Hoodman, Yale, Legacy Bowman, Critters, Flying Phantom)

✦ Windfall 
(1976 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, In car: Okan, Müdi, Yalé  |  Surrounding car:  Vita-gen Marauders, Flying Hoodman, Rider Hoodman, Vita-gen Titan)
✦ Victory Lap 
(1993 Lincoln Mark VIII, Inside car: ???, Yale, Müdi; Various citizens in background)
✦ Wash 
(2001 Lincoln Town Car Cartier with custom Ecstatic Droplet I 20" Chrome Wheels and Custom Built Radial VIII 245/40R20 Vogue Tyres)
(1996 Chevrolet Impala SS, 2004 Mercury Marauder)
✦ Ecstatic II (Parallels) 
(1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special)
✦ Super Ecstatic World! (Overworld) 

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